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Do You Need A Gold Chain To Be Hot?

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Rappers and their gold chains are part of hip hop. The hip hop culture was built on bragging and style. Jewelry is part of the culture. A rappers gold chain was hip hop news and that is what set him apart from the crowd. For example, let’s take LL Cool J, he wore what was called a Dookie Gold Rope. The Chain was in a big old rope shape and nobody could touch his style. The 80s rap game was built on expensive cars and jewelry.

 Rappers and Their Chains

The best rappers chains were always hip hop news and table talk conversation in the hood. Run DMC’s, Rakim, Cool J, Biz Markie, and  Eric Sermon, pushed the envelope in the culture with the gold ropes they wore. 50 cent was another rapper who wore a lot of gold during the height of his career. He and other rappers from the mid 2000s continued the tradition with fast cars and jewelry. Everyone one was singing In Da Club. He brought a style to the game that made many fake rappers try to keep up with his style.

Other rappers like Soulja Boy stayed flexing his chains on the red carpet. S0ulja Boy’s hit song ‘Crank That’ and ‘Superman’ put him in the millionaires club. Once he got a little money he started showing his ass and putting his money into a bunch of jewelry. Soulja Boy joined the club of hip hop artists who put emphasis on money, jewelry, and women.

Todays Rappers

Many of today’s younger MC‘s can’t rap but that aint hip hop news, but they seem to want to flash all their lil trinkets as a way of saying “I got some street cred.” I think more MC’s should concentrate on their skills versus how many chains they got or cars they own. Jewelry don’t make the man but lyrics and skills do. Gold Chains and cars don’t sell records, skills do. Hip Hop is an animal that can lead most astray from the principals of what the true culture is about.

You don’t need trinkets to be hot in hip hop. But you do need skills, confidence, swag, and style that makes the people want to be apart of your brand. The secret is you got to the sauce you just gotta know how to use it.

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