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get rich or dying

Do Rappers Get Rich Or Die Lieing

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How often do you hear a rapper whose faked it until he made it to really get paid ? Let’s take Rick Ross for example, he according to most sources is not the guy he claims to be. Is it in the best interest of most rappers to lie and create a fake lifestyle of struggle to earn their riches. Some rappers boast about shooting folks, or having a prison record. Does this give him or her a creditable  existence among his fans ?


50 Cent: “Hip Hop Has Been Damaged By Fake Artists!”

yes i love what 50 said these rappers are just as broke as me and you they dont have all that money and these young kids are going out and selling drugs just to be like these fake ass rappers sad. [Reply] …. that was refreshing. he touched a lot of basis on that and i respect him for that. we all fake it till we make it…but aint a album/distribution deal “making it”? cut the fucking lies. i dont even believe in rap. like i said before, rap concerts are like KISS concerts. makeup,

Publish Date: 10/19/2012 8:29


Hip Hop Frat House Official Website | I Love Hip Hop, Not Flip Flop

Is it okay to fake it till you make if you’re representin’ the hood. What about after you make it, is it still cool to fake it then? How many Then again, do rappers have to ever have integrity? Plated jewelry, rented whips, staged models, and the lists goes on and on. they live a lie. I guess some people feel better faking it till they make it. That’s cool with me all they way across the board but why are these the same rappers that hate other rappers for doing the same thing.

Publish Date: 10/17/2012 15:29


Meek Mill=Dont Fake It Until You Make It(Bread Over Bed)

Meek Mill is only 24 years old, but he’s a certified student of the game. He’s learned by his own trial and error and he’s watched the missteps of OGs. When it comes to making bread, another lesson the young MMG franchise player stresses is when you …

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