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Does Being Crazy Equal Success?

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I was looking at a video with P Daddy in it. The interviewer asked him “how did you get your confidence in business in a city like New York?

Diddy replied “you have to be crazy in order to be this successful.” “You can’t believe in the reality that is presently in front of you.” “You also have to be willing to do the work that comes with being successful. ” – Diddy

If you don’t see the world in an insane way your not ready for success, in my personal opinion. You got to have the confidence to push through, when everyone is telling you your not ready to be successful, or you will fail. Most people look at the successful and think they got some lucky break, but truth be told they were just crazy enough to believe they could make it. They hung in there until things started to go there way.

When looking at the world you need to view it upside down in order to understand it right side up. Everyone who sees success doesn’t view it in normal terms. Lets take Steve Jobs for example, if he were to tell you he was going to create a phone that could talk, text, and share information with other phones, you would of thought he was crazy. But, today the I phone exist.

Just remember crazy can equal to success if you understand it and know how to use it….


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