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Donald Sterling 2

Donald’s Sterling’s Fight for Respect

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Donald sterling is back fighting the NBA about his civil rights. Donald believe as a business owner, the NBA can’t just force you out of ownership of your team, without the proper steps to removing him as the owner of the team. Donald’s wife also plays a huge role in the selling of the team as well. The commissioner of the NBA said,”they made a deal with the wife to sale the team and indemnify the league from any wrong doings with removing him as the owner.” “Donald Sterling is only in a fight with himself,” according to the commissioner of the NBA. At this point, it looks like Donald is going to have to go to court to prove his case against the NBA.

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  1. At this point, it ain’t even about whether or not Ol’ Donnie is prejudice or not. Spit! This is America. We all have the right to feel however we wanna feel as long as we don’t hurt anyone. So, personally, I could freakin care less if he dislikes me because of the color of my skin. I don’t care much for his @$$ either. Smh.

    HOWEVER, as of now, it’s becoming a matter of his civil rights being violated. Yea, prejudice people have civil rights, too… here in America. Who the hell has the right to take away something he owns because he bought and paid for it because we believe he’s a bigot???

    I’m pissed because I believe his civil rights are being violated. And, the bottom line is this: If “they” can violate HIS civil rights, as rich and Jewish and powerful as he is, then, my poor, black @$$ don’t stand a chance in h3!!!