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Are Niccas Really About Dating for Love?

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Are niccas really date for love or are they dating for survival ? Now, this can’t be applied to all black people, but my point here is this, there is a generation of folks  between the ages 21 to 35 who may not be dating for love.

Many black men and women, don’t seem to have the natural affection for one another, to really understand what dating and love is all about. Many niccas in the community seem to do more dating for survival to get money, than for love. I can point to many examples of women who are dating to merely get a light bill paid, put food on the table, or get clothes for the kids.

Has the economy pushed black dating into a recession regression state of being  where niccas would rather just be with you for the money ?


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  1. I think this is false in some cases and true in others but is no different across all cultures sense the dawn of man.