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Draymond Green and The NBA’s Double Standard

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Draymond Green took to the stage after the Cavs Golden State game. Green had a serious issue with the NBA’s treatment of Andre Drummond. Andre Drummond is a center for the Cleveland Cavilers. He is being set to be traded by the Cavs, and being benched in the process. Draymond felt their is a real disrespect towards players who don’t maintain professionalism while the team literally humiliates the player until trade agreements are reached.

“Once you get labeled as a cancer its hard to get that label off you.” – Kendrick Perkins 

Players like Andre Drummond, James Harden, and others are expected to be bow down while the league decides their fate. Many players go through mental anguish while trade deals are going on. Their families deal with so much stress during trade talks. So, for Cleveland Cavilers to sit Andre Drummond on the bench, due to trade talks is disrespectful, in Draymonds eyes.

Lebron James agreed with Draymond and said “their is two sides of the coin.”

Players in the league don’t have much power. They are merely high paid employees and are really looked at as such, in my opinion. Draymond’s points are valid, but unless you’re planning on starting your own league aint much you can do about it but strike.

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