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The E-Book Revolution

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The growth of e-books are on the rise with Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I am sure many of you have heard that Amazon has released an e-book reader called Kindle. Kindle is a great tool that allows you to read all your books in a digital format.

Barnes and Nobles has also released  their e-book reader called The Nook. Electronic e-book readers are revolutionizing the book industry. Many people are starting to turn to their electric e-book readers to avoid carrying the bulky books.

Authors are now converting there books over to an electronic format. This allows authors and publishers to gain more exposure with their digital products.

As consumer grow more aware of electronic e-book readers, the need for Kindles and Nooks will get bigger and bigger. According to Wall Street, millions of dollars have already been made with e-books, and the numbers will grow into the billions as the future of e-books grows even larger.


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