Electric Cars vs. Gasoline Cars

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Picture this, gas prices are going through the roof and there’s no relief in sight. Are there any alternatives for Gasoline cars? Well, electric cars may be the answer to our problems when it come to driving a vehicle. Many cars like Hybrids and Electric cars are becoming more popular. Saving money on gas has become a popular topic when gasoline prices are almost four dollars a gallonĀ in some areas and over five dollars in others.

Gas Prices Have Fallen

As of lately, gas prices have fail below $2.00 a gallon, but the future of these gas prices are subject to change over time. The war for oil in the middle east is still ongoing and could affect american gas prices. Canada’s oil reserves are a major player in the producing of oil for North America. But their oil has no direct barring on the US economy, unless we use their oil pipelines to directly bring oil into the US from Canada.

The price of oil will only be determined as the economy pushes forward after the virus pandemic has passed. Electric cars versus gasoline cars will be table talk conversation as the future of oil prices either decrease or increase.

Electric Cars Only as Green as the Electricity Powering Them

That noted, the new report does offer some interesting latest stats on the life-cycle environmental impact of electric cars versus diesel and gasoline-powered cars that are worth committing to memory. In terms of production, the

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