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Feedspot Is Taking Over The Content Aggregation Business

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Many years ago Google dominated the search engines. But, somehow, Yahoo managed to claim their stake as a premiere search engine as well. As time went on, other search engines grew to be giants like Microsoft’s Bing.  The race was on to see who could carve out the biggest piece of the internet and dominate the market.

News Aggregator Sites Are No Different

News aggregator sites or content aggregators are no different and claiming their stake in content aggregation. In the early days of search engine wars, only a few companies pulled ahead of the pack. Feedspot is one of those companies in 2020, that is becoming a premiere player in the content aggregation business. I was recently picked up by their feeds and placed in the top 10 magazines to watch out for in 2020.

Feedspot has Become A Major Player In Content Aggregation

Feedspot was founded by Anuj Agarwal back in 2012. Feespots founder Anuj has since become a major player in the content and news aggregation business. I was very shocked and impressed at how they cover all sorts of media content, even black media, which I was featured in just a few weeks ago. Feedspot covers blogs, podcast, influencers, Youtube Channels, news content and more. They have a team of 25 experts who rank blogs, podcast, and Youtube Channels in several different niches.

Feedspot is becoming a major force in the content and news aggregation business. They will be sure to give companies like Feedly.com, Google News, Reddit, Flipboard, and others a run for their money in 2020. I think this is one of those sites, that will definitely bring you the news and content you have been missing. A lot of content aggregator sites don’t bring a variety of content that is easy to follow and digest.

Feedspot is not one of those sites that will leave you guessing. If you are looking to grow your blog, podcast, or Youtube Channel, I suggest you look into Feedspot to grow your brand and business.


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