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gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow & N@gg#$ In Paris Really

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Gwyneth Paltrow is among the elite in the acting world and just happens to hang out wit the elite in the Hip hop world.

Jay z and Kayne were in Paris and Gwyneth was back stage when she tweeted out the words Ni#$as in Paris for real. I really don’t believe Gwyneth was trying to be an ass when she, or if she did tweet Ni#$as in Paris. Many folks know that white folk been down wit Hip Hop since its beginning. Many of are corporate and senior executives been rocking 2pac and Biggie for years.

The problem I got is here we go again wit Ni#$as bitching about the wrong cause. In my opinion, Gwyneth ain’t guilty she just down wit the hip hop culture, and got caught up in the moment hollered out what she and thousands of others was hollering out at the Jay Z Kayne West concert  Ni#$as In Paris. Look this is the stereotypical bullshit about black folks throwing a fit about something that don’t hold no weight. When are we going to get busy throwing a fit about jobs, owning corporations, controlling the masters to music, or having a production company that produces films that we actually have more ownership in then most companies do when they do a deal in Hollywood. The black community  does more crying than anyone, but don’t turn around and get the venues to do a concert like Jay z in Paris.

You can’t get mad at Gwyneth she been doing what white hip hop heads been doing for years hollering out Ni$%as in Paris …lol. We have a new problem arising and that is the new pair of Adidas with the shackles at the ankles. Black folks is upset but lets see if we get upset enough to have Adidas remove the shoe from the shelves probably not. We always fighting for the wrong cause. We are the ones that make these corporations rich by buying there clothes, food, and  sponsoring there movies etc. , but I have yet to see one negro own the land, the building,the manufacturing, or distribution plant that the sh*t is made in.

Ya’ll leave poor little Gwyneth alone and focus on something bigger than the dam N-word.


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