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Hip Hop and The Future of Music Marketing

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Music Marketing and the Music Industry as we know it has changed, along with how the music is distributed to the public. If you remember, back in the day you would see a TV commercial for a new album, or hear a Radio promotion which sparked your interest to go buy the album. Now, with the emergence of the internet, you may hear about a new project from your friends through Social Media before it even gets to Radio or TV.

The future of music marketing and how it is marketed has changed drastically. Websites like Spotify allow you to create your own playlist, and Itunes gives you the chance to buy digital music right to your phone. The whole game of marketing and getting music to the consumer is forever changing. Music Marketing of digital music will be the difference between who wins in the music business and who doesn’t. Music Marketing through digital distribution channels will become more valuable than performing in most cases.

Artist, due to the new music economy, are going to experience less in royalties in my opinion because the pot is so much bigger. Music Marketing with certain digital distribution companies like Amazon or Itunes will be like working with God to get your music to the public. They have all the control and you hope to just get put in the mix. The future of marketing music will be something of immense importance in the future of music.


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