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Harvey Weinstein The Pimp vs. The Hoe

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Harvey Weinstein the Hollywood Heavy Hitter has been in the news a lot lately over allegations of sexual harassment. Harvey is alleged with using his power to get sex from women who wanted to advance their acting careers. The Casting Couch is a term used in Hollywood by actors and actresses who have been propositioned by film executives, who want sex in exchange to advance their careers.

The Pimp versus the Hoe is a term used in the music industry when record companies want to pimp the artist out of their publishing and royalties. Many artists in the music business turn out to be hoes because they don’t ever peep game and realize that being the pimp is of more value. Harvey Weinstein the pimp wanted some ass from the hoes trying to come up in the movie industry. Many women like Katie Beckinsale, Rose McGowan, Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, and Lupita Nyong’o were on the come up and ran into Harvey along the way.  Now, don’t go getting your panties in a bunch, cause I’m not degrading women purposely, but what I am doing is putting things into perspective, that many women can understand, that someone somewhere is looking to exploit them in some form or fashion. You’re either getting exploited for your looks, talent, business skills or sexual nature. You will be exploited by someone somewhere in this industry and others. Hell, even men in Corporate America look to exploit women for personal and professional gain.

The Pimp (aka the movie executive) versus The Hoe (aka the actresses) is a compatible situation for both parties because both need each other to win. The Pimp is the power player who focuses on the execution of assuring the hoes they will have a place to work and money provided to them, providing they are talented enough to make the tricks (moviegoers) pay them.

The casting couch is nothing new, the exchange for sex in order to advance ones career is nothing new.  The real issue is that most of these women who are alleging Harvey made sexual advancements at them somehow or another manage to become the biggest names in Hollywood. Did that happen off of mere talent alone, or did some of these actresses that are calling Harvey Weinstein out get on somebodies else’s couch and Fuck their way to fame and fortune. Did their careers blow up because they prayed and acted like good Sunday School girls?

Have you forgotten about poor Bill Cosby? Who they ran through the mud for allegedly slipping a date rape drug in women’s drinks and taking the pussy. Who is more of a devil, the fifty two women who lied on Bill Cosby, or the forty two or so women who claim Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted  them ? Who benefited from the late night meetings the most? Who is right or wrong the pimp or the hoe? Now, don’t get me wrong, being raped or sexually assaulted by any man is not acceptable, but what I’m driving home here is that there is a double edge sword, these women benefited off of being exploited. And truth be told some may not have minded it either because now their all rich and famous.

Is Harvey the only one at fault?! Are the women who went to the hotel rooms, or the late night dinners hoping for a break at fault? Didn’t they know in the back of their minds that in the real world men want sex? And you gotta pay to play when the dude with keys to your career has the power. Are these women rich and famous now? Yes, they are!! Did they refuse his sexual advances, and turn around an accept another’s proposal, and still got down with the pimping that Hollywood was serving? How many screwed on the low low knowing that the pimp was going to provide a quality of life they have never seen before?

I know you’ve heard about Amazon’s Cheif film executive Roy Price, who was suspended by the company about a week ago after a Hollywood producer publicly accused him of making unwanted sexual advances toward her. Its the culture, its apart of Hollywoods blueprint, you are not going to rise in the devil’s den unless you are playing by his rules. If you are asked to perform an unwanted sexual act for a million dollars, and you do it does that mean you took a loss? The Pimp versus The Hoe is a reality in the movie industry, music industry, politics, and even religion.


I’m sorry to inform you that if your trying to play in this game you will be tested too.


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  1. The overall concept… I agree with. But claiming all those women lied… I do NOT.

    The bottom line is… MY BOSS can’t make sexual advances toward me without me thinking I may get fired. No MAN could understand that mentality because it generally doesn’t happen to men. ANY MAN in authority that insists I give him sexual favors KNOWS that I would be terrified to say no. It’s the EXACT SAME rules that go with being abused as a child by an adult.

    Sexual assault is NOT a 2-way street. It doesn’t matter that my childhood abuser did for me financially. No more than it matters that my adulthood abusers tried to buy me off. The PAIN caused by the incidents take YEARS to get over.

    And that is what abuse is about. Making ME, the victim, and the men and women around me, think it’s MY FAULT because I got something out of it. This way of thinking is why it still continues today because men still rule the laws, the courts and the world.