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Russell Simmons Master Mind of Hip Hop

Russell Simmons Launches The Master Minds of Hip Hop

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Russell Simmons has patterned with Tokau to bring you The Master Minds of Hip Hop. Russell Simmons and Co founder CEO , Dennis Tok, are bringing you hip hop legends in a NFT(non-fungi9ble tokens) collection. Hip hop legends MC Lyte, DJ Hollywood, Grand Master Caz, and Busy Bee all joined the Master Minds of Hip Hop.

This project is designed to bridge the gap between old hip hop heads and younger ones. And will allow for the much needed respect to be given to the pioneers of the art form.

The joint venture aims to bring honor, credit and compensation back to the original musicians who helped create the multi-billion dollar industry that it is today. – Blacknews.com

Master Minds of Hip Hop will definitely be a test pilot for other artist to sale their stories.  All these legendary artists have a unique story of their own that makes this so special. MC Lyte was the first female to be nominated for a Grammy. Grand Master Caz was the first artist to be a DJ and MC at the same time. That’s hip hop history! These four artist have amazing stories that will bring in young and old fans alike.
The digital economy is changing how music is being listen to and exchanged. Tokau is leading the way in this new venture with Russell Simmons. Music is like fine wine, its meant, to be enjoyed slowly over time. With the collection of these artists work being on display for the general public, it will help bring a much needed bond between past and present generations of hip hoppers.

NFTs are becoming a thing in arts and entertainment. Russell Simmons and The Master Minds of Hip Hop are  pioneering how the hip hop story is being told, forever.



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