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Hip Hop Business School

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Hip Hop Business School and new entrepreneurs came together to learn from hip hop artist and executives about successful startups. The Institute of Hip Hop Entrepreneurship in Philadelphia, brought out top notch artist like Bahamadia, the DJ Rich Medina, Ruffhouse Records cofounder Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo, and more than 20 industry insiders. Many would think that with a panel line up like this these students would be trying to make it in the Music Business. This is hardly the case, these students at the hip hop business school in Philadelphia are trying to learn how to use hip hop to make their own successful start ups.

“The goal is to take the lessons learned from hip hop and transfer them into the business class to make it more exciting and culturally relevant” says Fast Company  writer Adelle Peters. The program is geared toward teaching new entrepreneurs how to start with one hustle and move into other industries and ventures once they have gotten a successful startup.

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