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dumb generation

Hip Hop Dumb Dumb Generation

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I was listening to a mix on 107.9 hip hop station last week. I couldn’t help but want to jump around, and act a fool when I noticed that the music I was listening to was that infamous Dumb Dumb. What is Dumb Dumb Hip hop music you ask? Well, it’s the type of music that doesn’t make you have to think at all. All  you want to do is dance dance and more dance. I begin to question myself, and say “I see why the youth Don’t care about anything, or walk around wit their pants sagging off their ass.

What we have been listening to for the last twelve years is what I called Dumb Down music. Rap music used to speak to the people in such a way that it woke up the hopeless. Now, the music puts you in a state of dumbness that keep you from using your brain to it’s fullest capacity. Many artist are responsible for creating this style of music which we won’t name names, but is it the artist fault, or the corporations fault for not keeping a balance of music on the radio that appeals to the masses. I bet you I won’t hear Jill Scott on popular urban radio station like V-103 fm in Atlanta very often.

Corporate controlled interest keep the music at a six grade level so you, and I ain’t really got to think about nothing of importance. The Dumb Dumb generation of hip hop is in for a rude awakening when it comes to real world issues. If you ain’t figured it out yo ass is getting dumber and dumber so I would advise you to turn off the radio.

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