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Is Lipstick Important To Women?

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Is lipstick still important to women? Well, I’m a man, so I can’t say that I can really answer that question. But I can give you my opinion. I’ve noticed that some women really take the art of putting on makeup seriously. And lipstick is a key component of that art form. I used to watch my mother stand in the mirror and put on makeup. She would put on  eyeliner, some blush, and lipstick to make herself look pretty.

I think lip is one of the most important component in a women’s arsenal of beauty products. The lipstick is the icing on the cake that brings everything together? I, myself, like to see women wear  lip gloss with those pretty shiny lips. It just makes me want to pucker up and give them a big fat kiss!  Do you think lipstick is important to women?


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Lead in lipstick problem ‘worse than ever’

A new analysis of lead in lipstick conducted by the US Food and Drug Administration reveals that the problem of lead in lipstick is worse and more widespread than previously reported. The recent study found lead in In a recent report, an advisory committee to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said there is no safe level of lead exposure for children and stressed the importance of preventing lead exposure for pregnant women. “Lead is a proven

Tips from a Professional Makeup Artist : The Importance of Lipstick

the importance of lipstick lies in its ability to add color, shape and health to your lips, adding to your signature look even as it moisturizes and protects the skin. Find out what a difference lipstick can make in this free video of tips from a pro…

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  1. Lipsticks not only gave you confidence but also keep your lips conditioned. I always make sure that I am applying good quality lipsticks.