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kat Williams Fall From Grace

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Katt Williams was the “Man” at one point in his career. Kat could do pretty much anything, and everyone just loved it. What went wrong with Mr. Williams success? It seems that Kat may know to much, and see how the devil really works in the entertainment industry. During many shows, Kat would allude to how he has seen things while at parties that just blow his mind.

katt williams jpg
katt williams (Image via RottenTomatoes.com

As time went on and Kat keep getting in trouble with the law his image started to be tainted by bad word of mouth. Corporations started to blackball his ability to perform live, stop payments were placed on checks, and altercations seem to occur whenever he was out in the public. His image started to be tarnished by bad word of mouth. While people were being advised not fool wit Katt Williams on any level.

Word of mouth is the most powerful thing on the planet and travels the fastest in any industry. When bad word of mouth kicks in it isn’t much you can do to fix it.

Whatever you do in using crazy marketing ideas do your best not to get a negative word of mouth marketing on your side.


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