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Common and the hope and redemption tour prison reform

Prolific Hip Hop Artist Common to Star as Caster in Upcoming Digital Comic Book Series

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Common is considered to be one of the most prolific Hip Hop artists of all time. He’s a rapper and composer, who’s also been very successful in the acting arena. Now, the star is moving forward in his career, taking on an entirely different entertainment medium… a digital comic book series.

Deadline reports that the Hip Hop celebrity has a collaboration with LINE Webtoon, a digital comics publishing company. He will play Caster in the digital series, who’s actually the starring character of the show.

Caster is the story of an antiquities dealer who travels the world. Eventually, he finds himself caught up in the international espionage game. Sounds exciting!

Common is Hyped About Playing a Comic Book “Hero”

Common Performing Live on Stage
Common Performing Live on Stage. Image Source: Hollywood Reporter

Like many other Hip Hop artists, Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. AKA Common has made the crossover to acting. This is one of the many reasons why so many of us from the ORIGINAL Hip Hop Generation keep asking that trending question… Is hip hop dead?

Well, in Common’s case, when it comes to his acting, he keeps it Hip Hop. Even for this digital comic book series, the rapper will be creating the score for Caster, which is scheduled for release in 2018. Hopefully, it will be of the Hip Hop genre, keeping him true to the game.

Common notes about Caster:

“It’s different than Indiana Jones.

What drew me to him — it’s something about his taste and (his knowledge of) antiquities. It’s very unique.”

Other Collaborators on the Common Comic Book Series

Jason Masters is one of the artists who worked on the Marvel’s title Guardians of the Galaxy. He is in charge of developing the digital comic book series’ art. So, we know the art is sure to be on point!

Common performed live for inmates during The Hope and Redemption Tour, which hit 3 CDCR prisons.
Common performed live for inmates during The Hope and Redemption Tour, which hit 3 CDCR prisons. Image Source: Prison Rideshare Network

Common says that both the storyline and the starring character were things he connected with instantly:

“The moment I learned about Caster I knew the story was something special.

The main character resonated with me instantly and I jumped at the chance to bring the comic to life in a more complex way through music.”

The production company of G-Base, Gerard Butler and Alan Siegel are already considering taking this comic book series to the next level. They are said to be thinking about producing a live-action series out of the comic. I wonder if Common will be slated to star in that too.

Common’s Hope & Redemption Tour: Another Step Towards Keeping Hip Hop Alive

Earlier in 2017, Common made a very bold move by teaming up with the Anti-Recidivism Coalition and the California Endowment and a producer by the name of Scott Budnick. The team came together to film the celebrity’s tour of four CDCR (California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation) prisons.

They filmed the tours and produced a series entitled The Hope & Redemption Tour, which went viral on YouTube. At each CDCR prison , Common sat down with various inmates who were sentenced to life without the possibility of parole as non-violent offenders.

According to Common, this is a very unethical practice that adds to the mass incarceration issues in America:

“Life without a parole is something that only exists in this country.

We as citizens, by allowing that to be, are supporting that.”


Prolific Hip Hop Artist Common is all set to star in a 2018 comic book series as Caster.
Prolific Hip Hop Artist Common is all set to star in a 2018 comic book series as Caster. Image Source: Entertainment Weekly

Life Without Parole Leads to Mass Incarceration, Says Common

It seems that the United States of America is the one and only country in the world, according to the Chicago rapper, that sentences people to life without parole. This means we keep filling the institutions up, while rarely letting people out.

When asked why he decided to do The Hope and Redemption Tour, Common said:

“The Hope and Redemption Tour was one of the greatest and most awakening experiences of my life. It inspired me, as I met some of the most humane and enlightened people. For them to be in such difficult circumstances, yet be aspiring toward hope and their own and others’ humanity, was amazing.”

Common is one of those Hip Hop rappers you just can’t seem to stop following. He keeps us educated about world issues through his music. And, he’s never in the news for spending time in jail, like artists such as the infamous rapper Meek Mill.

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  1. Common is a great artist, but how is he prolific?

    1. The person who wrote this article felt like he was a great artist. We all have our different taste and dislikes about certain hip hop artist.