Major Labels: You vs. The Corporations

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As an independent artist in music, and Internet marketer, the small guy is finally starting to get his recognition. The Corporations have been winning against the little guy for so long, that it seemed like no one could rise up any business. The Corporations always have large budgets for marketing and advertising. The small guy, before the Internet never was able to compete with the corporations deep pockets.

When dealing with the Corporation in business and music, you have to understand their corporate structure, which is to keep the little guy from rising to the next level. Many artist who were once part of the major label machine have decided to opt out of doing business with major labels. The major money is mostly made by people who are inside the corporate business model.

In the internet era it has become cool for the little guy to build his name, and out shine the corporations, because they can’t do what some of the smaller companies and independents can do. You have a fighting chance now with the emergence of the internet. Thank God!

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