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The Diasters of Virtual Learning

Since the closing of colleges, secondary, and elementary schools students have had to go to virtual learning. Many teachers are now teaching from home and it’s not been a pretty site. Local news reports here in Atlanta and across the country, are reporting that students are having a difficult time with virtual learning.

Students are Failing at Virtual Learning


Elementary and high school students in particular are failing at virtual learning. A lot of underprivileged children don’t have access to the internet to complete assignments.  This presents a huge problem for teachers and parents who want to provide the best education possible for students. Students who don’t have access to the net are ten times more likely to fall behind on assignments.

Virtual Learning is a new paradigm  that takes some getting use to and most educators don’t like it. The fact that teachers have limited interaction with their students is troubling them for the most part. All good teachers know that social interaction is a key to a successful student. The communication between teacher and student is key to how a student response to the work given.

Many Teachers Feel Powerless with This Kind of Virtual Learning

Teachers are really struggling to stay focused as well. Virtual learning has some issues that teachers can’t fix.

  1. Most students don’t have access to the work- no internet or cell phone
  2. Some students chose not to complete given assignments
  3. A lot of students just don’t care so they don’t don’t the work
  4. Teachers who thrive on social learning have no live interaction

Many teachers feel powerless with this kind of virtual learning. It’s really discouraging to a classroom teacher, who would only use virtual learning as a reinforcement to supplement classroom learning.

Virtual Learning For Parents is Also Turning Out to Be A Disaster

Virtual Learning for parents is also turning out to be a disaster. The average parent in America doesn’t spend time helping foster their children’s education. Since this crisis, parents are now forced to sit down and actually help their children with school work. And this is turning out to be a huge problem for most parents who have not touched a textbook in years.

Discipline also plays a role in the education process. A lot of parents are just not that disciplined to educate their  children, hence the reasoning homeschooling fails for a lot of parents. Now that everything is shutdown parents are seeing first hand how their child acts in a classroom setting. Parents are now responsible for administering the work and ensuring that the work gets done.

I recently, posted this question on my Facebook page about parents not having the discipline to teach their children

here are some of their responses …..


Tyrone Davis – “Most of today’s Black Parents couldn’t homeschool a preschooler let alone a grade school or high school student!”

SpiceyKy Napolean –   “Us. WE are most parents. And it’s literally because we don’t have the resources we need to make a smooth transition. We don’t even know where to start. They don’t have computers.”

Marie Smith – “Completely agree. They can’t deal with their own and send them to school for teachers to deal with. They can’t manage one and expect teachers to manage 25 unruly kids each day.”

Lacria Perry Hicks – “Some are just lazy but I am blessed to be connected too some great moms who are working and successfully homeschooling their kids. I admit it’s tough, I have a child with a learning disability, but putting together a schedule and being consistent is key.”

Bethany Rucker  – “Get online and order paperback books or is everyone so watered down that they feel technology, IPad or an electronic gadget is the only way you can teach your children!”

As you can see, many people feel the same way about parents not having the discipline to homeschool their children. Virtual Learning is opening up a can of worms that will have to be address in the future for students, parents, and teachers.
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  1. Had to share this! Discipline is key. And it’s NOT easy when you’re used to being homework teachers as opposed to full time homeschoolers.

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