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McDonalds The #1 Small Business In The World

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Many of you may ask what does McDonald’ s have to do with crazy marketing? But, McDonald’s has everything to do with guerrilla and buzz MarketingMcDonald’s was founded

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and built by using unconventional marketing techniques. McDonald’s along with Wal Mart is one of the worlds best marketed small business on the planet. The fast food chain is in more than 22 countries and growing. The McDonald’s brothers didn’t have the vision that Ray Kroc had for McDonald’s. Ray took McDonald’s and grew it to the level of a global company. Now you can find a McDonald’s on every corner.

The crazy additions to the menu like the Fillet o fish, Apple Pies, Ronald McDonald, and the Big Mac , were deemed to be unorthodox back when Ray was running the business. It was these crazy ideas that brought McDonalds, along with their marketing to the level it is at today. In the sixties, when they unleashed the campaign to market the products, they had to use methods that where not conventional practices in the marketing and advertising world. For example, like grilling their own burger.

Ray Kroc did something in the small business world that many people don’t do, which is think big and don’t follow the norm. You will have to try  outrageous things in order to win big in the world of business!


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