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paddling in Georgia

Are Georgia Schools Bringing Back Paddling?

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A Georgia Charter School brings back corporal punishment to the classroom. Georgia School for Innovation and the Classics is bringing back paddling to the school system, to improve on student behavior and discipline.  A letter was sent home to parents, asking for permission to use this form of corporal punishment after the three strike system has been breached by the student.

Superintendent Jody Boulineau  was quoted as saying ‘There Was A Time in Schools Where Corporal Punishment Was The Norm In Schools And You Didn’t Have The Problems You Have Now.”

Parents Can Opt Out of The Paddling

If parents don’t agree with the paddling policy, they are given the right to opt out, in which case, the student would receive a five day suspension as a result of his or her actions.

GSIC or Georgia Charter School for Innovation is a Charter school with grades from k-9 based out of Augusta, Georgia. Georgia is one of the nineteen states where corporal punishment is still legal in schools.

The Three Strikes Policy Must Be Broken 

In order for a student to receive a paddling,  the three strikes policy will have to be broken. After three strikes the student will be taken to an office behind closed doors, in which case, the student will place his or her hands on their knees, or a piece of furniture where no more than three strikes will be given out. An additional witness must also be present and the parents notified after the paddling is done.

Mrs. Kai Smith owner of Kai’s Koffee House believes that

It can be a great learning tool if properly administered. In previous history, it improved discipline and provided greater focus.

Paddling In Schools Is Really Not New

Paddling in public schools and now charter schools are really nothing new. As a youngster, I received a paddling, by my seventh-grade teacher that I will never forget due to fighting someone in the class. The question that most people will ask, is this going to deter discipline problems and inappropriate behavior?

Mr. Keith Jackson an Atlanta Public School Educator, and owner of the Educator’s Group LLC believes that

It has to be well monitored, age appropriate and only two to three people should have the authority not everyone in the building.

If you, like myself, have worked in the school system for a number of years, then you may see this as a sign of relief for unruly students. Many parents may be on the fence about whether, or not they want their son or daughter paddled in this climate of school shootings and emotional disturbances at schools.


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