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machine gun kelly

Machine Gun Kelly: The Rise of A White Devil

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Machine Gun Kelly has been on the rap games radar since his beef with legendary rapper Eminem. Richard Colson Baker, aka Machine Gun Kelly’s rise to fame, came after Eminem dissed him on a track. The Cleveland Ohio native has been in the rap game for some time and has a large following, but Eminem’s dis-record put Machine Gun Kelly on a global stage. I will admit dude is nice with it! And he definitely gave Eminem a run for his money on the track “Rap Devil.”

Machine Gun Kelly “The Rise of the White Devil” is a play on words

White rappers are sprinkled throughout hip hop here and there. Mac Miller just died at the tender age of 26. He was part of the backpack rappers real hiphop heads club. White rappers are Corporate America’s thorn in the back side of a black art form. Machine Gun Kelly The Rap Devil vs. Eminem The Rap God could possibly be the fall of rap music as we know it. Rock and Roll was a black art form until Elvis, and a few others came on to the scene. Machine Gun Kelly “The Rise of the White Devil” is a play on words, but in layman’s term, it means the rise of the white corporate rappers. Around 2005, Dave Mays and Benzino, from the source magazine, went to war with Interscope records over the credibility of Eminem and whether he was good for hiphop.

Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem are now two of the worlds biggest rappers

While the corporate landscape in the music industry got smaller, so did the record companies who picked the rappers to be on the world stage. Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem are now two of the worlds biggest rappers. Jay Z, 50cent, or Drake don’t compare to the global popularity that these two rappers have in hiphop. The reach that  Eminem has is incredible when you talk about being a global phenomenon.

Machine Gun Kelly will now be passed the baton and move into being a global icon. The “Rise of the White Devil,” Machine Gun Kelly, could be the starting point for the decline of rap. Rap has always been a black art form, and there has always been a few white rappers sprinkled in here and there, but none has surpassed Eminem who calls himself a Rap God. And now Machine Gun Kelly who calls himself The Rap Devil.

Corporate America will take full advantage of this opportunity to push white rap artist. In the coming years, black music could be at jeopardy, cause we don’t own it, and we damn sure don’t control it! Rap Music, Rock and Roll, and R&B have all been under siege for quite some time.

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