Mind Programming and Marketing

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In the area of marketing, someone needs to be willing to take the lost, in order for someone else to profit. Mind Programming plays a huge part in this process. The more you are programmed to spend, or part ways wit your cash, the more you will find yourself doing things you may

be unaware of doing. Marketing focuses on tapping into the subconsciousness mind. The subconsciousness mind is the part of the brain that sees and hears everything. You will find your self doing things, and you don’t know why, due to your behavior being controlled by the subconsciousness mind.

So, the next time you find your self buying things you don’t know why think about how the Radio, Tv, and the magazines.


Subconscious Mind Programming – Your Life Depends On It

Check out this post Subconscious Mind Programming – Your Life Depends On It|. Posted by Sarah Olney at 14:

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Auto Buying and selling System – Program Your Methods

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