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R. Kelly 2

R kelly and The Backlash of Dealing wit The Illuminati

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Listen to “R kelly and The Backlash of Dealing wit the Illuminati” on Spreaker.

R kelly has turned himself into the local authorities on 10 counts of sexual misconduct charges with a minor. In the world of entertainment, what’s on the surfaces is not always what it seems. R Kelly has been alleged to be having sex with minors, holding women hostage, and being physically abusive in relationships. Is R kelly guilty or not guilt? The facts will come out in his trail! But, the real question is, what is the reasoning for guys like R kelly, Bill Cosby, Prince, and Michael jackson’s legacy being tarnished.  

R Kelly is in a world of trouble. He couldn’t even make bail as of the lastest news report. The Illuminati and the black gate keepers will make sure R Kelly never sees the light of day. R Kelly is playing in a game he can’t come back from, and as a result he could end spending seventy years in prison.

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  1. I’m confused as to what you’re trying to say. “They” use us to bring Black men down. But Black men bring us down as “the norm.” So, what exactly do we… as Black women… do about that? Is it our jobs as “YOUR” women to let everything go simply just to keep “OUR” men protected from “them”?

    That’s why we’ve decided to start speaking for ourselves…. well, at least the masses of us.. the “woke” ones… because no one else is going to do it for us, including OUR coddled Black men. And yes, RK HAD TO BE CODDLED like a d@m kid to get to this point.

    Any woman, man or child must WANT help to receive it. You have no idea what type of monster he would be if he “got help” before he wanted it. He will learn to work the system and manipulate even better. But until he ADMITS that he is a woman beater, pedophile, narcissist and misogynist, there is no helping him.