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Rules To This Shit: Too Short Tells The Dark Side of The Music Business

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Too Short was part of a docu series called Rules To This Shit. The series focuses on the ugly side of the music business, and the music contracts that artist received from record companies. Too Short explains how he had a messed up deal in the beginning, but after hundreds of thousands of record sales things started to work in his favor.

Bet’s Rules To This Shit takes a hard look at why most artist are not making any money inside the music business. Rules To This Shit is important for all young artist to watch, because most can’t afford a lawyer to look over contracts. Artist need to gain some level of education, and this docu series is a great place to start.



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  1. Yes most artist are not gifted with the business side. It’s more interesting to be a slave to the business, and dream about wealth and riches, then actually work for it.