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The Creative Shall Inherit the Earth

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The state of the economy has many Americans looking for better ways to make a living. Jobs are not hiring, and unemployment is running ramped. I wrote this post “The Creative Shall Inherit the Earth,” because creativity wins all hearts. This has never been more truer than in business and marketing. The ability for an individual to create a business is of major importance now, because you have to take the state of your economy in to your own hands to see success in life.

People have to use creative ways to market  their businesses to the consumer and that is a key. If you’re an employee you will never get rich, or have some sort of financial freedom working for someone else. You have to get creative and create a business that can bring you a stable income.

Creative ideas are most important when building your business. You need creativity on your side in order to market, and promote your ideas to a cluttered world of copy cats. The God force in all of us has the innate ability to create something out of nothing, so if your just begging for something you will never see the God in you build, and create the way God would like you to.

Marketing your business to a small niche market is key. You don’t need the whole word in on your business just the folks that need what you have to offer. I was reading a book which lead me to this title about the creative shall inherit the earth. The main premise was that all our creative people where paid movie stars, artist, musicians, athletes, producers, and directors. One reason this is true is because they are giving something back to the universe. You have to be a producer, or creator of something, and then you will see your financial increase. I promise.

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