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pecking order of business

The Pecking Order of Business

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What is the Pecking Order of Business ? The Pecking Order is the High Archery of the small companies who have to submit to the larger corporations who really control the way the economy moves. For Example, Bank America is one of the largest banking corporations in the U.S., Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is one the largest mortgage companies in the U.S.and all big business have to due business with them which ends up falling down to the little guy who does business wit the small banks if you will.

The Dinosaur companies control the outcome of the small business who don’t have the muscle to bang against the larger corporation. The Pecking Order is what keeps the little man little and the big man big. You need to aligned yourself wit some of the larger companies to go from a small mom and pop shop, to a mid size company who has the ability to compete.

Networking is the key to yours and my success !

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