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The Death of Motown

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As new  talent emerges  in the industry and labels rise and fall, Motown  Records just doesn’t seem to have the staying power to compete against today’s younger talent. The five piece duet, or singers of the past faded out in the seventies. Motown is the last leg of the soul era in what we call good music. A dinosaur of the past and now extinct, Motown records has been forgotten. Many neo soul artist like Indie Irie, Musiq Soul Child, Erkya Badu, and others graced the label with new energy, but Motown poor business decisions have lead to their careers not being pushed in the right directions. Many artist from this label have left, and moved on to other labels with better direction.

Today’s generation of musicians don’t know anything about Motown RecordsBarry Gordy the head negro in charge soon sold Motown to Universal for several hundred million dollars but keep some controlling interest in the company.



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The Motown Effect

a documentary exploring the social impact Motown Records had on America during the 60’s and 70’s. For my final year major production at Bournemouth University BATV course

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