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The Empire TV Show Season 2

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The Empire TV Show has been nothing but stellar. Cookie Lyons played by (Taraij P. Henson) has been

the Bitch we all wanted her to be and then some. The Empire TV Show has left millions on the edge of their Empire TV Show seats, every Wednesday night. Cookie Lyons, the ex-wife of Lucious Lyons, has shown that she is a boss in her own right.

Empire has taken a hiatus from the television. But season two, should be back with a vengeance this fall with new a guest host, and the same old crazy ass cast members. The Empire,  showed black folks in a strange light with all there good and bad traits. Empire tv season two, I am sure will show a wide range of strange characters as well. Lucious, as we all know was betrayed by Cookie and other family members. Lucious is in jail now. But, I have a feeling he is going to come back with some firer that is going to make the devil scared of him.

I look forward to seeing this new season that is fast approaching…..


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