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The Hidden Secrecy of Branding

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I was talking to a friend yesterday about the whole blogging while brown conferences. I asked the question, what are folks getting out of this conference? 

A lot of people think those who started blogging to drive traffic just blew up overnight. People like Nicole Bitchie and a host of others already had a following from another industry. Nicole Bitchie was writing for a major urban publication like The Source Magazine. So, she didn’t just start blowing the fuck up overnight. She was already blown up from another industry.

People who want to grow huge brands don’t understand that it takes time. Leverage is one key element to the Hidden Secrecy of Branding. In addition to Leverage, Guerrilla Marketing plays a huge role in the process of branding. Guerrilla Marketing hits different with unconventional marketing tactics for your business. Marketing is the elephant in the room we don’t talk about. One of the biggest keys to building your business, or your personal brand, is marketing. Marketing is everything when it comes to becoming successful.

Finally, going viral or word of mouth is what makes your brand become a household name. These are  just a  few examples of how one can grow big in a short period of time. It’s very unlikely that someone just appeared on the scene overnight, they had to work and grow their brand to become a house hold name.

Promotions and marketing are essential elements that build a strong brand. People will recognize you by your brand before they know your products a lot of times.


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