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The Nine Positions That Can Heal You

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Sexual Positions can do more than just pleasure you. Different positions can heal certain parts of the body when done right. Sexual Health is important just as much as physical health. There are seven key positions that can bring you optimum health. Many people have there favorite sexual positions like Doggy Style, The Sixty Nine, Cow Girl, Man on Top, Spooning, Missionary and many others. These sexual positions are common among common people, but many don’t know that ancient sex practices are ancient in their own right.

Nine Sexual Positions That Can Heal You

1. Sexual Position – The Dragon

The woman is on her back with her legs spread apart. The man is on top and is in the missionary position.

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2. Sexual Position – TIGER

The woman is on her hands and knees and the man is behind her on his knees.








3. Sexual Position – MONKEY 

The woman is on her back with her legs over the man’s shoulders as he penetrates her from the front. The woman does the moving for as long as it pleases her.







4. Sexual Position – CICADA 

The woman is on her stomach with pillows underneath the man. The man is on top of her back.







5. Sexual Position – TURTLE 

The woman is on her back with her legs bent back until they rub her breasts. The man is on his knees, penetrating from the front. He uses her legs to rub her breasts. The woman does the moving.







6. Sexual Position – PHOENIX 

The woman is on her back. The man holds her legs up as he penetrates her while facing her on his knees.








7. Sexual Position – RABBIT  

The man is on his back. The woman is on top facing his feet. The woman does the moving.







8. Sexual Positions – FISH

The man is on his back and the woman is on top, facing him. The woman does the moving.









9. Sexual Position – CRANE 

The man sits on a chair. The woman sits on his lap facing him. She does the moving, but he helps by moving her hips and buttocks.








The positions listed above are general healing positions, and work to heal different parts of the body. These sexual positions should be done in short sets of your choosing. Practice is required to master these healing sexual positions. Finally, to learn more look into the books The Tao of Sexology and Tantra Sex Practices for more information.


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