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The Power of Keywords In Your Marketing

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How do you search for a product, service, or business? The phenomenon is simple –you type the keyword in Google’s search bar, hit enter, and Voilà, you’re just one click away from finding what you’re looking for. No wonder keywords are so valuable.

Keywords and Organic Traffic

Call them the linchpin between what people are searching for and the content available (or you’re offering) to meet their needs. Keywords have the power to bring organic traffic to your website from SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). To reap the most benefit from these phrases, you must never use random phrases. Keywords need to be specific. Longer keywords are preferable over singular keywords. Also, singular keywords often have strong competition. For instance, the keyword “Dog” is broad. But when it’s combined with other phrases such as “organic dog food Seattle,it becomes more specific. Hence, if you sell organic dog food in Seattle, your business will appear in the search results.


Each keyword needs to be optimized as per the Search Engine Optimization guidelines. You can’t just throw keywords on a specific web page or blog. Yes, it’s important to use the keyword in your title tag and spread it evenly throughout the content body, but it should never be stuffed. Using a compelling copy, provide value to the visitor so that they’re enticed to complete a purchase action. Other areas where a primary keyword must be used include the page URL, meta description, and alt attribute of the images to be used on that page. As long as you have got these basics right, you’re all set to rank well on Google’s search results.

Hashtags and Keywords

In the world of social media marketing and creating social campaigns, there is an alternative word for keywords called “hashtags”. It can be said they are similar to keywords with a fancy “#” symbol in the front but they are not entirely similar. Hashtags consist of words combined together. A hashtag could also be about anything, even a trend . Hashtags are best known for instantly promoting content on social media. These tags are used and interpreted by humans. They are meant to be expressive or to convey an emotion. Essentially, keywords and hashtags share the same purpose “to be found online.”

Traffic and Keyword Tools

Hands down, keywords are essential and powerful enough to drive the right traffic to a site. How do you know you are using highly targeted keywords? For that, we have keyword search tools like the Google Keyword Planner. It gives insight into how often a word is being searched so that you can narrow down the list and choose the keywords that really work for your business. Ideally, those keywords are best that have a search volume higher than “1000” and lower competition. It’s easier to get ranked on those keywords than the ones with higher competition.

Normally, you start with a keyword and create a piece of content around it. On other occasions, the content exists already exists. In that case, you just have to figure out how to match it to the keywords and spread the keywords evenly. Nevertheless, the right keywords are the perfect ingredient for increasing the visibility of your business.


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