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Regina King Loses Her Only Son

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The internet has been going crazy over the loss of Regina King’s son. Regina is like America’s sister who lives next door. That’s why this hit so deeply for many people, when she announced, that her only son, Ian Alexander died. Ian Alexander Jr., died from suicide. Ian was a musician who was a guiding light in the world of entertainment. He had such a powerful spirit and brought  such a positive energy to the music he was doing.

Regina King had so much love for Ian that he was her date for all special events. She told the whole world how much she admired, loved, and adored Ian. Ian may have been crying for help quietly though. His last few tweets spoke about him comparing his mind to an episode of Sponge Bob. He said “I feel like I’m losing my shit.”  In an Entertainment Tonight Interview Regina told ET “when he was a little boy, I just looked at him and cried, and thought I want him to have the best life.” 

Everyone is morning her loss and feels like we are part of the family. We are praying for her healing and comfort in this painful time.

We our praying for you Regina may God bless you and your family.

peace and love

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