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The US Food Industry Is Killing You

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The US food Industry could be killing you! Recently,  CNN10 aired a special discussing the US food industry and all it had to offer. The special report, showed how farmers and the agricultural industry, are putting not so healthy items in your food via the live stock just to make a profit. Animals like pigs and chickens are feed some of the worst things you could imagine. Animal feed may include poop, feathers, bones, corn and drugs etc. to help fatten up the livestock.

The US food Industry is cutting cost for the sake of cheap production. The farming industry may be killing you and you don’t even know it. The US food industry is so fowl in how they grow and fatten up livestock that its disgusting.  Profits over health is what the food and agricultural industry is really about.


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  1. We should be aware of the important points in this article as to why the US food industry is killing you. This would surely be a huge help. Thanks for notching this great article.