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Rolling Out Magazines – Millionaire Blue Print

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I know most of you read Rolling Out news paper. If you have read through it like I have, you’ve noticed a section that talks about successful celebrities “Blueprint for Millionaire Success”. This short editorial speaks about how some successful people have arrived at their success, which is cool, but the editorial doesn’t speak to the common man like myself who has to climb up the ladder of success.

Many people have their own story about how they managed to make it in their chosen profession. Truth be told, there’s one universal principle, that every successful entrepreneurs has, and that is “fail, fail, and fail” again. I know you are saying its not that easy to become successful by failing, but that is a key element to starting on your quest to success.

I think its cool that Rolling Out covered this area of successful peoples lives, but I would like to see a more detailed approach to success for those common folks out here who are lost!

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