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Two Reasons Your Marketing Isn’t Working

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Your business may not be getting the results it needs with its marketing, based off two reasons credibility and qualified leads. Marketing is the elephant in the room for new startups, or entrepreneurs that leads to business failure. Many entrepreneurs, and small business owners fail to build credibility, and generate qualified leads at the same time.

Credibility is the engine that drives the wheel in the marketing machine. Generating great leads comes as a result of having great credibility(street cred or corporate cred), or what ever word you wanna call it. A lot business owners don’t get the two mixed just right, its like a pot of hot gumbo.

In an article published by Fast Company , they stated “In fact, it’s easier than you might think–Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs conflate these two strategies, mistake one type of activity for another, or overdo it on one side of the divide and neglect the other.”

The article says building credibility is what you should put at the top of your two marketing strategies.

to continue reading the article click “The Real Reason Your Marketing Plan Isn’t Bringing In Business”


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