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West Virginia Teachers Finally Get Their Raise

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Teachers in the West Virginia School System finally got the pay raise they were fighting for. A 5 percent pay increase brought an end to the two week strike for West Virginia Teachers. West Virginia Teachers went on a two week strike to fight not having a pay raise in a number of years. The state claimed that there wasn’t enough money in the budget for a raise.
West Virginia is one of the lowest paying states when it comes to teacher salaries. West Virginia Teachers fought long and hard to get there 3 percent raise, which turned out to be 5 percent once Governor James C. Justice signed the bill into law giving teachers, and other state employees the 5 percent increase.  School teachers across America are rebelling against low wages and the large responsibilities that come with the job. West Virginia Teachers have set a strong example of what could be a breaking point in the educational system. 
Teachers are really underpaid and desire to be compensated for their efforts. The Teachers showed resilience, by making the states’ educational system respect their value. Is there room, for more teacher strikes, do to the lack of governmental support for our educators? Are West Virginia Teachers just the first wave of teachers who demand equality and respect in the classroom?
West Virginia Teachers proved that banning together allows them to have their voices heard in a noisy world. The teachers still have a lot of work to do. In my opinion, just getting a  pay raise is just the first step when most teachers don’t have the tools to teach the class. Teachers always need money for supplies and equipment. I’m sure West Virginia Teachers are no exception, especially being some of the lowest paid teachers in the country. 
I hope the Teachers Union fights long, and hard to obtain not only the money but all the resources they need. West Virginia’s Teachers, will still have to worry, about the rising cost of health insurance that will impact their paychecks. 


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