Best and Worst of Hip Hop Marketing

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Joyo Velarde

Image by sevenwerk via Flickr

Marketing hip hop music is a bit strange, because people have so many taste when it comes to hip hop music. What niche does the artist fall in, is he or she a gangsta rapper, consciousness rapper, revolutionary, flashy fly rapper, or just plain crazy. We have seen so many artist come through who have been successful, and some who have flopped overnight. Corporations have made some good decisions wit some artist and bad ones with others.

Many artist forget it’s all about the brand, and how that brand relates to the consumer. If you’re a artist don’t try going to a country and western show to rap about hood life. Country Music has its own lane just like hiphop does. You need to find your own niche, and build a great marketing plan that will benefit you.


Branding the Throne: What Advertisers Could Gain From a Little Hip

A shift in understanding of cultural differences is key but please don’t compare the marketing strategy of a single hiphop album to the much larger scope of the advertising world. Anonymous. Jay-Z and Kanye have branded themselves so well


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