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Mobile Marketing vs. Email Marketing

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How Often do you check your phone ? Do you get text messages or emails from some companies having events or offering some type of services? That is the power of Email and Mobile Marketing. Mobile Marketing has outgrown  Email Marketing since the early 2000’s. As the Mobile Marketing industry grows so will the marketing to your phone through text messages. Emails still play a huge role in marketing, but its open rates are down significantly over the past few years.

Email is still a valid option for staying in touch with your clients. Email Marketing in my opinion, is taking a back seat to mobile marketing. People are looking for easy access to information and the cell phone has become the new and best way to get it. When you start trying to market your product or service, you may want to consider Mobile Marketing over Email Marketing. Mobile Marketing has grown by leaps and bounds and will only continue to grow. Email Marketing still has validity in the marketplace but is less competitive than Mobile Marketing.

You want instant access to the people so you can get your ideas or service out faster, and the cell phone is the best way to do that.


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This is for unlimited email blasts. The redemption rates are low, only averaging 5%, but with spending such a low amount you will not be losing money. Mobile marketing is more of an investment, but with redemption rates averaging 20%

Publish Date: 03/21/2010 3:00


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Text messages have a 95% open rate so if you send this to enough people your chances of having customers take you up on your offer dramatically increase vs email marketing. The power of local mobile marketing can be very

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In fact email marketing has been proved to be quite inefficient since only about 5 per cent of such mails are read by the target consumers as compared to about 90 per cent of mobile marketing messages that are usually

Publish Date: 08/17/2011 16:49



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