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5 Steps To Build Your Brand on Instagram without Selling Your Soul

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Instagram has become a weapon of mass distraction these days. From an average person, to celebrities, to business owners, everyone is leveraging Instagram. After all, it’s one of the highly used social media platforms to build your brand.

Unfortunately, many people are taking the unethical approach to get famous on Instagram. They are not hesitating in selling their souls. Instagram is a visual medium. It has been observed by many people, that many are using sexually arousing images to get noticed. The so-called Instagram models, be it male or female, are attracting followers by documenting every moment of their daily lives and hashtagging as much as they can. Then there are random users who try to post a cool photo or a witty status to get fame, even if it’s for 15 minutes. 

The trend of selling one’s soul to get famous has got many small businesses thinking is that the only way to build a brand on Instagram. You will be glad to know it’s not the case. You can still make your mark by giving something valuable to the world. Here are 5 steps that can aid in brand building:

5 Steps To Building Your Brand Instagram

  • Tell your story

Get real with your audience. Talk about your past milestones and your future goals. Don’t be afraid to get personal. The posts that you are a little scared of publishing are the ones that would do the work.

  • Engage with your audience 

Want to get more likes and comments? Start posting questions. You can also add Call To Actions in the captions. 

Give your audience what they like. You can do that by collecting feedback and then optimizing your posts and content accordingly. While you are at it, don’t forget to respond to the comments of your followers. It will make them feel valued. They might even stay tuned because of that.

  • Use the right hashtags

Everyone knows how important hashtags are. You probably would be using an app to find the best ones for a specific picture. But you have to be sure the hashtags you are using actually go with your brand. 

Take some time out and search for the 10 popular hashtags in your niche. You can copy those hashtags but make sure you add your own creativity too. Hashtags can help you tap into your target market and reach out to your potential customers.

  • Respect the timing 

Timing is everything. But that does not mean you have to post every image at a specific time. You just have to figure out the right time to comment on your pictures. This can boost the visibility of even an old image. Peak hours for commenting are between 6 A.M. to 8 A.M. or 5 P.M. and 7 P.M. 

  • Don’t over-post 

Yes, over-posting is a problem as well. You can’t make people love your brand by clogging your account with multiple posts. They will simply unfollow you. Focus on quality, not quantity. 

Lastly, you don’t want to be just another brand, you want to be a brand that is real. For that, you definitely don’t need to sell yourself short.


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