Tiny “Deebo” Lister Gone To Soon

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Tiny “Deebo” Lister Americas favorite bully passed away to soon. On December 10 it was reported that Tiny Lister passed from health complications. He was found at his Marina Del Rey residence this pass Thursday by authorities. Tiny was known for his iconic role in the hit series Friday, as Deebo. Earlier this year, Tiny was reported to have contracted Covid-19. It wasn’t known, if he got the virus completely out of his system, but in an recent interview with Brandon Jay you could hear Tiny coughing.

Tiny was just a big lovable guy. Tiny Lister had a long career of movies and pro sports. He got his start as a pro wrestler. His early roles included HBO football series “1st & Ten” along with appearances in “Beverly Hills Cop II,” which starred Eddie Murphy, and “No Holds Barred,” the 1989 film where his character Zeus challenged Hulk Hogan in a wrestling match.11alive

Tiny become a household name when he played the iconic role of Deebo in the hit series Friday. Tiny planned on getting the vaccine so he spend more time with his family. Americas favorite bully will be missed!

Rest in peace Deebo.


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