You Gotta F@%K Up Before You Come Up

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This podcast talks about how you have to fail in order to see success. Many people look at failure as a bad thing. But, many of your most successful people failed a thousand times before they saw huge success. The blessing is in you falling flat on your face, which allows you to evaluate yourself and your business, in order to see success.

Failure is the key to this whole thing called success. Many people look at failure as a negative. Many of today’s celebrities had a lot of set backs that equated to failure. Successful people understand that you have to fall flat on your face to become proficient. This podcast will open your eyes to some of the lies you been told about failure. Self development is what people run from, but should embrace.

Success and failure comes from developing habits. Your habits allow you to begin to navigate your way to seeing success. The ten thousand hour rule is always in effect when you’re mastering your craft.

It takes ten thousand hours before you crack the code on the one thing you are good at doing.

Listen to “You Gotta Fuck Up Before You Come Up” on Spreaker.

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