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Atlanta Public Schools Budget Crisis

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Atlanta Public Schools was recently on the news about their million dollar budget crisis.  Dr. Meri Carstarphen announced that the school district was in a major crisis, due to Fulton County property taxes being frozen. The Atlanta Public School district has been rallying after last years cheating scandal. Principals, teachers, and administrators were put on trial for a cheating scandal that was broadcasted nationwide. Many staff members from different schools were found guilty, not guilty, and some pleaded no contest to avoid a harsher sentence.

Atlanta Public Schools hired former Superintendent Erroll Davis, who was recruited in 2011 and went to work and put nearly 200 Atlanta Public School educators and staff, including former Superintendent Beverly Hall, on the chopping block as reported by Atlanta Journal Constitution, for the alleged cheating scandal. Within a month, the Atlanta Public School’s board faced the possibility of removal by the governor. Davis went through the process of firing, rehiring, redistricting schools and fixing the budget to save the school district some 6.5million dollars.

Now, as Erroll Davis began his departure from running the Atlanta Public Schools, in comes Dr. Meri Carstarphen who was continuing the success of what Mr. Davis started. So, with all that background, let’s take a look at the Atlanta Public Schools current state. The Atlanta Public School is still in a budget crisis, districts have been redistricted, and programs put in place to help raise students test scores etc. Why is the school district falling behind? Why is the school districts only source of income real estate tax? Atlanta Public Schools according to our superintendent may have to take out a loan to make payroll.

Teachers and staff won’t be receiving any raises anytime soon. Furlough days will come without pay. Fulton County commissioners unanimously voted to freeze property assessments at 2016 rates. As a result, this is hurting the school district in 2017 as reported by 11alive news.  Atlanta Public Schools may be on the brink of bankruptcy if things are not fixed soon, and that could be damning for all in the Atlanta Pubilc School district.

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