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Congress Approves 900 Billion Stimulus Package

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Congress finally reached a deal on a stimulus package. On December 20, Sunday evening, congressional leaders reached a deal for stimulus. As of late, congress has been working on a deal for over seven months. The bill includes a six hundred dollar direct payments to adults, along with an extra three hundred dollar extended unemployment payments. The stimulus package in many folks eyes is not enough to care for day to day bills and living expenses. Congress has been toying with the American peoples livelihood, since this pandemic began.

The stimulus package also includes 25 billion in direct rental assistance. The eviction moratorium was set to end  on December 31, but since the bill passed, it has been extended until January 31, 2021. Student loans, transpiration, food stamps, and small business are a big piece of the discussion. The package is just a band aide to a bigger problem. How long before the money runs out?

House Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, believes that Nancy Pelosi and Joe Bidden, will continue to help relieve the country’s economic woes.

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