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Crooked Charlatans vs. The Messengers In Black America

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In this podcast, we discussed the Charlatans verses the Messengers in the black community. Many people in the black community are easily deceived by those who mean you no good. But shun those who are here to help you progress This podcast takes a look at some prominent people in the black community who are either labeled a Charlatan or a Messenger.

Black America doesn’t really see clearly when it comes to being hustled by the Charlatans inside our community. The Black Community tends not to want to hear the message being given by the messengers. But the Charlatans seem to always hold the attention of black folks no matter their background. Black folks has also been scammed by some other brothers out of the church.

We’ve trusted the wolf in sheep’s clothing so much that we are numb to the scams that go on in the black community.

Listen to “Crooked Charlatans vs. The Messengers In Black America” on Spreaker.

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