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Google You For What

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Google ChromeI’m sure you’ve heard the term, Google Me Baby ! What does that term really mean ? “Google Me” is a term that folks use when they feel like they have something going on. They are “hot” right now, and the masses of people are looking for them on the internet.

I often laugh, because I’m saying why in the hell would someone Google You when you ain’t got nothing going on.

A lot of folks don’t even understanding how the internet works, or social media for the matter. If you are being Googled then you have a brand that is growing, and people are looking for you in the strangest way. “Google Me Baby!” Is cool when you really working the internet, and moving up in the search engines. If you are getting Googled, then that means, you show up on the first, second, or third page of Google for that specific niche market.

Don’t be fooled by these fools who holler Google Me baby. I’m sure they aint popping like that ..lol

So go ahead and Google Me baby ..lol



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