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Black on Black Violence

Black on Black Violence

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Black on Black violence in Atlanta has gone through the roof, with one death after another. Just last week a young black teenager killed his girlfriend in an act of rage. They were dating, and somehow he snapped, killing her and putting her in the closet if reports are correct. When he came to his right mind he openly admitted to his grandfather he killed the girl. Week after week it’s one death after the next.

The Black Community and Violence

The black community is notorious for Black on Black Violence amongst one another. In the past, we blamed it on drugs, alcohol, and the white man. After all the finger pointing, we still never get it just right and continue to murder one another in cold blood for the love of money, sex, drugs, women, and fame. Black on Black Violence is a staple in the black community. Young teenagers between the ages of 15 to 19 have been carjacking, robbing, and outright killing people for material possessions.

Many years ago, in 1990, Dr. Amos Wilson wrote a book called “Black on Black Violence”  The Psychodynamics of Black  Self Annihilation in Service of White Domination. The book takes a hard look at the criminalization of the black male, and how the black criminal is created for the service of white domination.  Mr. Wilson completely broke down the whole picture of what criminalization in the black community is, and why we commit violence on one another. The book is an underground classic.

Black Violence plays out in all forms of entertainment

Black Violence plays out in all forms of entertainment. I’m sure you’ve heard about the recent incident, between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, getting into a physical altercation at fashion week. The way we act, think, dress, and behave among one another can be deemed confrontational at times.

The music we listen talks about killing. or murdering someone to keep your reputation intact. Young black males take this stuff serious, and live out what they see on tv or hear on records. Black on Black Violence is a huge problem in the black community.

The violence will only continue to surge, with racism slowly rising in America, and the wealth gap between blacks, whites, and Asians widening. Young black men want the video lifestyle, and the trappings of life that they see on tv. The mindset of these young men is causing major problems in the community.

Black on Black Violence is a growing epidemic in the black community in the age of fake people, wanting fake fame, to get fake riches!


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