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Hip Hop’s Economic Impact on Superbowl LVI

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The Pepsi halftime show was super lit. Superbowl Fifty-Six made history. For the first time in NFL history, we had an all hip hop show. The biggest names in hip hop took the stage. Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, and 50 cent kept the crowd rocking during the fourteen minute set. Many people were speculating what these superstar artists would bring to the stage. Dr. Dre, the architect of the halftime show, brought a mixture of dance, bomb-ass beats, and lyrics to the stage.

The Rebirth of Hip Hop

Each artist performed their set in or around three minutes or so. Dre and Snoop kicked it off, followed by 50 cent doing his multi-platinum hit In Da Club. Superbowl fans were jumping out their seats and taken back down memory lane with some of the greatest music in hip hop history. Next, came the queen of hip hop R&B soul, Mary J. Blige, who give us the business of soulful ballads and funky hip hop beats. She put us in a nostalgic mood with her hits from the 90s and 2000s. Finally, Kendrick Lamar and Eminem rounded out the show with some thought-provoking performances dealing with police brutality and racism. The Superbowl was on a natural high that no other Superbowl had ever experienced in history.

Digital Streaming went through The Roof

As Superbowl 56 halftime was going on, so was the digital streaming of these old school artists. Youngsters from the millennial generation, to old school hip hop heads, ran the numbers up on these artists. It was reported, by statista.com, that the songs performed by these artists went up 185%. Dr. Dre’s music went up even higher, as much as 325%. The Superbowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the world next to the World Cup, in soccer. The halftime show was seen by millions. The future royalties that these artists will make off their music will be in the millions. Spotify, Amazon, Itunes, Youtube, and other music streaming services, will payout millions for years to come off this Superbowl halftime show. According to some reports, Dr. Dre  and the supporting cast didn’t get a dime off their performance.

Also, if Dre bought the rights to the show, as some mentioned, he stands to make major dough in the future. The digital era has brought a new way music is listened to and purchased. Immediately after the Superbowl, Snoop placed his new project ‘Back On Death Row’  in an NFT format and made 44 million dollars, it was reported. The exposure from the halftime show made that possible. Mary J’s new album was released shortly after the game, as well. Hello Beautiful, Mary’s new album,  got a very big push towards success due to the exposure she received.

Music in the digital era can be delivered faster and heard in a matter of minutes after its release. Snoop, Mary, and Eminem all have new albums out. They are sure to see huge sales as a result of the media coverage they received from the Superbowl halftime show.

From The Streets to the Suites 

Jay Z has become a major power player with the NFL. He was in the background working out the deal to bring hip hopJay Z Roger Godell Talking Business to the world stage. Hip hop used to be in the streets, but now, it resides in the boardroom and suites. Major corporations are making billions off the hip-hop culture. Hip hop has risen from the streets of New York and went global. The NFL and hip hop will have a long-lasting relationship since the success of the show.
Ghetto children are now making deals with major corporations like the NFL. Jay Z has managed to build a great relationship with NFL commissioner Robert Godell. Godell looks toward Jay Z to bridge the gap between the NFL and hip hop. Dr. Dre and cast being on the bill shows the NFL’s growth. Many corporations still don’t believe that hip-hop artists can satisfy their entertainment needs. This show opened doors for other artists to get major deals in the future.


The Superbowl half-time show proved that hip hop is an integral part of American entertainment and culture. No matter your ethnicity from white to black and in between everybody loves hip hop music. These artists proved that they can transcend all cultures. The economic impact of hip hop will be felt by the industry and the artists who partook in it. Superbowl 56 made tons of money off the number of eyeballs watching the show.  Artist like Dre. Snoop, 50, Mary, Em, and Kendrick will make millions off streams and digital downloads by being reintroduced to the public.

Hip hop is the cash cow of the entertainment industry. Now that rap and r&b and soul have merged with the NFL, it will be a beautiful marriage for a long time to come. After the show aired, you can still hear Dr. Dre’s music being played during NBA games and the like. Hip hop is big money and it will only get bigger in the digital age.


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