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How To Be A Successful Woman

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I have a bone to pick with you women about what you view success to be. I’m sure you, just like me, have been watching all your favorite reality TV shows like Love and Hip Hop, Atlanta Housewives, Basketball Wives, and a host of other shows that have you all acting an ass for a few dollars.

Many women of all races have been given this false illusion that a successful woman is pulling her clothes off on TV, shaking her ass, cussing her family and friends out, while fighting other women in the process.

The question I would like to pose to the population of women is, what is a successful women? Do you need to do any of the above to get your fame and fortune, or can you logically work your way up the ranks to meet your goals ? In order to get what we call success, by most people’s standards, do women feel like they have to show their ass to get some paper  a.k.a money to get rich?

I would like to give you ladies some simple tips or advice on how to be successful if you don’t mind.


Tips and Strategies for Successful Women


1. Act like a lady at all times – this is very important because no one can say you showed your ass when shit hits the fan

2. Talk and use proper English – The goal here is to let people know you are educated, even if you know how to talk slang, or didn’t attend a university, which will give them a greater appreciation for your intelligence.

3. Dress to impress – Image is everything and people always feel the need to respect a classy lady

4. When starting to move toward your goals write them out so you can see… like a road map where you are going

5. Find an industry or niche your want to be successful in and begin to research that industry

6. Get out to events and network network network – its all about building relationships

7. When trying to gain fame or build your brand stay consistent so people continue to see you doing your thing on a regular basis.

8. When trying to gain fame – use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn to build popularity

9. Learn the Art of Negotiations and how to ask for what you want without selling yourself short

10. Stay consistent

11. Control your emotions and learn to think logically

12. If you are involved in the entertainment industry you should learn to walk away from a deal, if it means giving up some coochie or doing some tricks for the money. Always remember that deals will come and go,  You can’t get all the money.

13. Save 25% of your income from your job. You should be putting something back every week or two weeks from your paycheck etc. ( you want to create emergency fund for rainy days)

14. Stay in Shape – you should be trying to exercise 2 to 3 times a week along with eating the right foods. Also, Increase your water intake cut back on red meat reduce the amount of sugar you take in.

15. Get plenty of Rest

16. Pray


This is a list of things that I think will make a woman success in her endeavors

I look forward to your comments


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